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2nd Floor Bedrooms 2

Stairs to the 2nd Floorlower hall

The hall and stairs to the bedrooms as seen from the porch entry. The door to the right is to the Dining Room, the Kitchen is straight ahead, and the parlor is to the left.


upstairs hallUpstairs Hall

The hall as viewed from the South Bedroom doorway. Entrance to the East Bedroom is on the right, North Bedroom straight ahead, and West Bedroom is on the left. Every bedroom has a private toilette and shower.




The South Bedroomsouth bedroom1

This is the largest bedroom in the house, the views from the large windows include the ocean bluffs and in the distance the Mendocino Village Headlands.

south bedroom2




All of our bedrooms are furnished with Queen size beds.


The East Bedroom

east bedroom1



east bedroom2




This bedroom with it's cozy seating area has tranquil views of both the ocean to the South and a panorama of the terraced coastal meadows and forests to the east.



The North Bedroom

north bedroom1nortth bedroom2




Beautiful Northern light with star studded skies are the hallmark of this room. With views of the ocean to the north and the meadows to the east, you will remember your nights here long after your Point Cabrillo vacation has come to an end.

The West Bedroom

west bedroom2west bedroom1

With perhaps the most spectacular views of any room in the house, this room looking both West and South has a spectacular view of the Lighthouse with it's beautiful beacon sweeping the horizon at night.

If you love lighthouses, this is the room in which you will want to spend the night.





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