Stage Two

During the first signs of winter in late November, 1998, work proceeded steadily on the lantern restoration. Most of the paint was removed while the glass panels were taken out to be replaced. The Fresnel lens refurbishment began in December.

Subsequent steps in the renovation included restoration of parts of the lantern that were removed during the last fifty years.

The lantern room was successfully returned to the top of the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse tower at 9:30 am on Thursday, April 1, 1999. The crane operator, Bill Daniel of Ukiah, arrived early in the morning to lift the roof off of the work shed, and then lift the temporary roof off of the light tower. The contractor, Fernando Oliveira Construction from Hollister, California, was anxious to complete work before the ubiquitous wind velocity increased. The lantern room was successfully set in place and bolted down. The crane operator was on his way home before noon!

For those of us who lived through this stage, the return of the lantern was momentous. The 'top hat' back on the Lighthouse. The brass work around the new windows and on the door hinges shone in the sunlight, and the new railings and the ventilator ball and spire on top were wonderful. Still a lot of work remained.

The devoted efforts of staff and volunteers allowed us to get the fresnel lens ready and the lantern back atop its tower as planned in the spring of 1999. As soon as we were sure it was all working properly, the temporary strobe light (airport beacon), was removed from the roof, allowing us to rebuild the original dormers and get ready to re-roof the entire building.


Removing Lead Paint
lead paint

Working on the Lens

Putting The Puzzle Together