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Stage Three

After the roof, further restoration was undertaken. The Coast Guard moved emergency backup equipment to the watch room on the upper floor of the tower, allowing us to remove the partitions and open the main floor of the fog signal building back into one large room.

In August, 1999, in celebration of National Lighthouse Day and the Ninetieth Anniversary of the lighting of the Point Cabrillo Light, we held a bang up party (listed in Sunset Magazine) to show off the beautiful Fresnel lens and the progress we had made in the restoration. We still had a long way to go, but everyone who came that day agreed that the Lighthouse was well on its way!

Restoration of any aged building alongside a coastline takes a lot of time to do properly. It gets even more complicated when a building like the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse has 8 exposed roof rafters and 36 exposed rafter tails, each badly deteriorated from years of coastal weather. Normal building procedure would be to replace them with new material, but the overriding goal of a restoration is to maintain as much of the original structure as possible by repairing components instead of replacing them. To achieve this, each piece had to be carefully removed from the building, gently stripped of paint, the damaged sections carved away by hand and the remaining wood strengthened with consolidating epoxies, the voids filled and sculpted to original contours, the piece primed, painted and reinstalled.

As of spring 2000, the foundation, structural components, wall sheathing and roof were finished and most other components of the lighthouse neared completion of their individual restorations. Working into another cold and unusually wet July, the crew installed all of the new windows and the building's corner and skirting trim. They then completed siding on the south and east sides of the building using replacement siding especially milled to match the original. The west and north sides were prepped and replaced by August. With a final coat of paint, the crew was ready for the interior during the stormy winter months.


Ready For Dormers

Southside Took Most Beating
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Dormers Are On