Point Cabrillo Public Use Guidelines
Revised – February 2001


These Revisions to the Point Cabrillo Public Use Guidelines were developed during a series of community meetings held between October 2000 and January 2001. The original guidelines were developed in 1988-89 to provide a basis for ongoing management policy for Point Cabrillo, and have served to guide the North Coast Interpretive Association and the Coastal Conservancy since that time. After 10 years it was determined that the Guidelines should be updated and it is hoped that the new Guidelines will serve as the foundation for future management decisions.

In examining the goals and guidelines for each section of this document, be aware that the Revised Guidelines differ from the original document in one significant way. For management purposes, the Revised Guidelines define the Light Station and the Preserve as separate and distinct areas within Point Cabrillo. Some directives only apply to one of the areas as stated. “Point Cabrillo”, when used independently of the definitions below, refers to both the Light Station and the Preserve. The entire property is currently held in public ownership.

“The Light Station” is defined as the 30.5-acre parcel purchased by the U.S. Government in 1908. This parcel includes the Light Station buildings, yards, the bluffs and fields surrounding and to the south of the Station buildings (to the historic fence line), the wetlands surrounding the pond, and Lighthouse Road [see attached map]. The property is designated on the National and State Registers of historic sites as the “Point Cabrillo Light Station”.

“The Preserve” refers to the undeveloped property (approx. 270 acres) surrounding the historic Light Station.

Additionally, the Revised Guidelines contain a section called “Management”, which gives directives for management policy and addresses the role of the community in future planning and stewardship of the Light Station & Preserve.

Thanks go to the many members of the community who gave their valuable assistance with the public planning process, and especially for their ongoing interest in and support of the Point Cabrillo Light Station and Preserve.